This kind of mandarin language tutorial is for the people who prefer face to face Chinese classes and a highly customized Chinese program that caters to their unique personal needs. Our highly trained staff will design the best mandarin course that is just for you! If you have specific needs, if you are busy, or want to Study mandarin in Shanghai in private, these Chinese language lessons are the best way to learn Mandarin.


We can provide these mandarin Chinese lessons at home, in the office etc. You just need to give an address, schedule a meeting with the teacher, and we will arrange that Chinese language class. The teacher will reach you wherever and whenever you want in Shanghai including during the work day, weekend or also the evening. Our teacher team is very flexible, if you have any preferences with a teacher you can keep him/her for all the mandarin Chinese lessons. Consequently, the teacher will know the different issues about mandarin language and how to improve. Also, you will be able to use a specifically taught approach to reach the best way to study Chinese.